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Adéquation Germany - registered charity

by EMBO Fellow Emmanuel Reynaud

During my PhD, I was involved in humanitarian action schemes in West Africa aiming to improve life quality by working in coordination with locals structures (associations, authorities etc).  In 2001, I joined the laboratory of Rainer Pepperkok at EMBL with an EMBO Long-term Fellowship. In 2003, together with other enthusiast fellows I founded Adéquation Germany , an officially registered charity. The main focus of this charity is not to collect money but to recycle unwanted lab equipment which can then be sent to labs in Eastern Europe and Africa.


From molecules to learning human organisms and communities

by EMBO Fellow Jan Visser

Before it was a discipline in its own right, Molecular biology brought together individuals from multiple contributing disciplines. Naturally, those who joined in the early days had the openness of mind that allowed them to cross the boundaries of their discipline of origin. It is the same spirit that prompted some of them to subsequently cross new boundaries.
I was one of them. Having started out as a theoretical physicist, I became an EMBO Fellow in 1967-68, but soon moved on from molecules to evermore complex systems. My current interest is in human learning.



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